Dead Love: Swinging Zombies Start Week

The gloves … and the hands … come off if you start the week with a little zombie swing. When a red-haired LA-based rockabilly singer/songwriter decides to focus her substantial musical chops on an undead love, you get “I’m a Zombie for your Love,” which is a peppy enough number to set the appendages flying … quite literally … if you are in a zombie way.

Kim Lenz could lure anyone into a dark space for a taste of her groove. The ZIA member who sent this my way was certainly “taken” by her. More about Kim and the Jaguars on her site.

As for me, I’ve been to lots of creepy little venues like this, where the music is killer and the audience gets ripped. Deadly hangover the next day. Just sayin’ …

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice