Dead Love: Malibu Zombie

Even a zombie can find rejuvenation on the beach. I do love Courtney Love, mainly because I love broken things and she is definitely broken. I’ve always liked Hole too. Nirvana? Yes. Kurt Cobain? Yes. And the beach is a much better place to run from the drama than the dark space in your mind. There’s something about the surf, the way it wears things away. Soon all that tension is gone and the sweet dull hum rocks you toward oblivion. That’s why I like Malibu. This is one of my favorite Courtney Love videos. But right now I’m thinking of the best beaches in the world to “zombie out.” I like the beach near Mombasa in Kenya; and the Beach near San Felipe in Baja, California; and on Tiamon Island in Malaysia; and the beach in Puglia, Italy; and sometimes, when it is evening, the beach in Nice; and the beaches around Vatika in southern Greece; and, yes, the beach in Malibu.

Crash and burn
All the stars explode tonight
How’d you get so desperate
How’d you stay alive
Help me please
Burn the sorrow from your eyes
Oh, come on be alive again
Don’t lay down and die

Hey, hey
You know what to do
Oh, baby drive away to malibu

—Courtney Love, Malibu

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice

  • Jobiggar

    Oh, Erin, you speak my language, as I am firmly in the religion that 'life is a beach.' And Malibu? I grew up on the sands of Southern Calif. beaches, so along with some of your other preferences (Puglia, Vatika) you call me home.

  • Elizabeth Weaver

    Yes…and better than Courtney's lyric, you capture it: the beach is a much better place to run from the drama than the dark space in your mind.

  • boldlow

    Perfect time to conjur up beaches and wistful fantasy – no one does it like you Erin. Finding an older clip of Courtney to anchor both was brilliant and spellbinding!