Zombies in Hollywood

Hollywood Zombies:

  • 1932 The White Zombie: Bela Lugosi plays a vodou master enlisted to zombiefy a young bride.
  • 1943 I Walked with a Zombie: Loosely adapted from Jane Eyre, the movie traces the dark discoveries of a nurse hired to care for a plantation owner’s catatonic wife.
  • 1956 Plan 9 From Outer Space: Edward D. Wood Jr.’s cult classic has aliens resurrecting zombies in a plan to conquer Earth.
  • 1962 Carnival of Souls: A young woman survives a car crash only to be pursued by zombies.
  • 1968 Night of the Living Dead: George Romero’s cult classic about seven unfortunates surrounded by hungry, flesh-eating zombies.
  • 1985 Return of the Living Dead: A spoof of Romero’s classic, this time the zombies are attacking teens.
  • 1985 Re-Animator: Loosely based on H.P. Lovecraft’s serial novella, the dead are revitalized by a serum.
  • 1988 The Serpent and the Rainbow: Based on the book by famed ethnobotanist Wade Davis, this movie takes the view to Haiti, home of true zombies.
  • 1989 Pet Sematary: Based on Stephen King’s bestselling novel, the dead rise again in Maine.
  • 1992 Dead Alive: Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson’s gore-drenched movie about a young man who plays caregiver for his zombie mom.
  • 2002 Resident Evil: Based on the popular video game, commandos infiltrate an underground lab manned by ravenous zombies.
  • 2003 28 Days Later: A virus infects humans with a murderous rage and turns them into zombies.
  • 2004 Dawn of the Dead: This remake of a 1978 Romero film, made $60 million.
  • 2004 Shaun of the Dead: Independent film and large moneymaker about zombies combining horror and comedy.
  • 2005 Corpse Bride: Tim Burton directs this darkly humorous animated tale about a bride who comes back from the dead.
  • 2006 Slither: A mysterious meteor infected with a deadly alien plague turns the inhabitants of a small hunting town into space zombies.
  • 2009 Zombieland: Zombies get the short end of the stick when Woody Harrelson starts swinging.

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