Zombie Underground

Just surfaced after spending a few days underground. Miss me? As long as I’m on the subject, why don’t I share a bit about a topic close to the bone for every zombie?  I’m talking about being buried alive. It’s quite a big deal here in Poe territory where I have been dragging about for the past week and a half. Oh, so scary. Surely you all have read E.A. Poe’s horror short story, “The Premature Burial.” I’ve discovered that many a Victorian was nearly buried alive (uh, never heard of a coma, have you?) and they therefore had a perfectly natural fear of this. Down here in the South some actually specified that they be cremated so that this “fate worse that death” would not be theirs. Some wanted their heads severed. Others—the more optimistic, I suppose—insisted on having a breathing tube from coffin to surface … just in case they woke up “encrypted.” There was even a Society for the Prevention of People Being Buried Alive.

In Poe’s story, the narrator claims he suffers from catalepsy, a condition that periodically throws him into a deathlike trance. Of course we of the near-zombie persuasion know there are lots of other ways this can happen. Beware of strange brews!

For sheer melodrama, I’m sending you straight to director Roger Corman’s old 1962 horror film on the subject starring Ray Milland.

So thrilled to dig this one up.

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/The Daily Slice

  • boldlow

    Hey Erin – welcome back! Miss you? You bet. Tough to get the day going without a hit of Daily Slice. How you find these tidbits of terror, snippets of suspense and honey-dipped moments of horror is baffling, yet delicious! Seems to me that these archived trailers show that current movie storytelling has lost some of that art…so I'm lookin' forward to when YOUR story comes out in September!

    Thanks for another great post.