Zombie ‘scars

All this FUSS about the Academy Awards—the zombie horde got theirs in Hollywood when SOMEONE stuck a 6-foot “Zombie Oscar” up on the ridgeline of Runyon Canyon. Hikers spotted it and took photos of the award, still looking much-prized but skeletonized. The caption read: “‘Beauty is one snip away’ -D*Face.”

Then, they found another one in a Hollywood Mel’s Drive-in parking lot. Oh, “reality” is an unbelievably bizarre state, isn’t it?

Rumor has it the 6- to 7-foot figures, made of a painted resin, were crafted in the United Kingdom and shipped here by a U.K.-based artist who goes by D*Face.

In an interview last week by NBCLA, the supposed creator said:

“The Oscar ceremony represent the pinnacle of superficiality within the so-called “film industry,” where formula and money triumphs over independent creativity and risk. These sculptures are donated to all the actors, actresses and filmmakers of the City of Lost Angels whose talents will never see the light of day. Never give up the struggle, believe in your dreams, try and break the system and remember if all else fails, resort to plastic surgery — it seems to work!?!”

Read about it, see the ‘scar!

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice