Zombie Outbreak

This is no sudden crush, no quick fling with the undead. It’s an infatuation that began back in 1962 when Bela Lugosi starred as a Haitian Vodou master who is enlisted to zombify a beautiful young woman. In 1968 George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, achieved cult status and spawned a new generation of zombie flicks that fed the flame and a steady rise in popularity that is just beginning to hit mainstream. A new rash of zombie-related books, movies and video games are the most recent outbreak in a quickly spreading fascination that is nowhere near peak. The zombie obsession is no anomaly. Zombies are merely the latest and, possibly, least exploited expression of a horror craze that has long captivated national and international audiences and is rapidly lengthening its reach.


  • Coming2GetUBarbara

    Yes, zombies are cool and evolving and I’ve enjoyed and followed this evolution for years. It really started with George Romero’s vision of slow zombies and moved to the modern ’28 Days Later’ fast zombies. Each was scary.

    Looks like ‘DeadLove’ will take it to the next step; sentient zombies. Now that’s just too cool!