My Boyfriend is a Zombie

copyright: Bart Frescur

It’s playing in New York and anybody living or visiting there should check it out. In William Electric Black’s new musical, My Boyfriend is a Zombie, two boys love the same girl and both, the zombie and the tough guy, are competing to take her to the Springtown High School Halloween Hop.

The difference between comedy and tragedy is bad timing. Unfortunately, show dates at the Theater for the New City (155 First Ave. at East 10th St.) are from June 3rd to the 27th. I’ll miss it (DEAD LOVE will be in New York at BookExpo on May 27th) because I won’t be in the city while it’s playing, but if someone sees it, could you send a review?

I understand there’ll be thirteen original numbers written by William Electric Black and Gary Schreiner, both Emmy-winners. Writing as Ian Ellis James, Black has won seven Emmies as a writer for Sesame Street. He has received several Best Play Awards and is curator of the Poetry Electric reading series at La MaMa, which fuses music, movement, sound, and dance with the spoken word. Co composer Gary Schreiner received an Emmy for his work on the PBS special “Sneakers,” starring Jon Secada and writes music actively for films, TV and theater. He has contributed music to 23 feature films, including “Donnie Brasco,” “Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector” and “Tiptoes.”

Consider these lyrics:

I know other boys are handsome hunks
And play on the football team.
But my gruesome guy is my maggot pie.
Yeah, he knows how to make chicks scream.

There’s an ensemble cast of ten actors and a three-piece live band.

If you dress up as a zombie you get $3 off the $15 admission. If you ARE a zombie, perhaps they’ll let you with no charge.

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/The Daily Slice

zombie art courtesy of Bart D. Frescura, copyright Bart D. Frescura