High Voltage Voltaire

Out, out damned hypocrisy! Trust us, every supernatural being loves Voltaire. No, not the dead satirist … the ultra-dark and daring artist-musician. Are you in the 21st Century? Check out his music. It says it all. Folk, goth, darkwave, dark cabaret, new wave, whatever … we—the zombie horde, the ghouls, the whole galloping gang—love the vocals and guitar (Voltaire), the violin (Gregor Kitzis), the cello (Matthew Goeke), and the drummmmmmms. It’s always a party out in the warehouse, the graveyard, the attic, the old barn. You have to love anyone who writes a song about a brain-eating meteorite that is consumed by the “spicy” brain of a girl named Mandy. We wonder if he’ll be at WonderCon 2010, here, in S.F. in April. We’ll be covering that convention and serving up a dark slice or two.

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice