Evil Corporate Zombies

Yes, I am utterly crazy about Jonathan Ian Mathers and his webtoon, Neurotically Yours. And I love Foamy, the ranting, practically foaming-at-the-mouth squirrel-pet of goth poet-artist Germaine. Not since Rocky, the flying squirrel, has there been a more embraceable squirrel character. True, Foamy, seems slightly rabid, but he—like any squirrel and possibly a good number of humans—has reason to be. He’s the cartoon version of every squirrel in my neighborhood, all of which I have at one time or another wanted to lure home to feed, hug, and cherish, though I’ve been urged to avoid this as they are feral and have an entirely different set of motives and mores than even this odd, lopey, dopey, near-zombie. Mornings are the times I most want to cuddle the little furballs, or when their chatter is at a max.

You see, I love a good rant. And nobody does it like Foamy … except, perhaps, Clément. You’ll see more of that later in DEAD LOVE.*  Foamy’s rant on Evil Corporate Zombies, for example, is just adorable.

Oh, Foamy; oh, Jonathan—you are creatures after my own heart … or is that my own brain?

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/The Daily Slice

*(Of course there is the connection with DEAD LOVE and its metaphysical/sociological/psychological underpinnings.)