Dead Love: Zombies Walk near Nation’s Capitol

Oh, goodie, goodie, looks like DEAD LOVE is goin’ to the zombie walk just a short stumble-crawl away from the Nation’s capitol. Thank you, Rose, you thorny little flower, for setting this up.

Yes, ghouls and grrrrrr-ls, the Silver Spring Zombie Walk takes place on October 23rd in the second largest urban area (not in people but in space) in Maryland; the first is Baltimore. Lots of parks here. Lots of shrubberies. I have not checked out the cemeteries yet.

Start time is 8pm, perhaps at the Quarry House Tavern, followed by revelry, a rally of the undead, the shuffle through town, and the inevitable Zombiepocalypse. Survivors can enjoy a flick (about zombies, I presume) at the AFI Silver Theater at 10pm and an after party at midnight. All in all it sounds like a bloody great time.

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice

Photo by Bart Frescura, courtesy of Bart Frescura

  • boldlow

    The zombie walks come marchin' in, hoorah, hoorah…we'll all singin' when zombie walks come in…

    you'll knock em dead-er when Dead Love hits the streets!