Dead Love: Zombies on The Cape

March 2010, Palm City, CA

So the twisted heir to the Chandler fortune—Conrad Chandler, also known as “The Lich”—has found a way to turn people into zombies and he’s going to use his “formula” on the entire city. “The Lich” is a police moniker assigned to the file for truly bizarre and frightening cases, which is basically synonymous with “boogeyman.”

The only thing standing between Chandler and his city of zombies is Vince Faraday, detective-in-hiding-turned-super-hero-crime-fighter aka “The Cape.”

Too bad the series introduced this year is on the chopping block. It’s cool and creepy, though perhaps more sluggish than noir. I, however, judge everything on the ability to zero in on zombies, so it gets high marks from me. Particularly pleasing, in this case, is that it takes two episodes to develop this undead theme, so lots of slow-moving horror. Watch it before it is no more. Maybe it’ll take a page from the zombie notebook and rise again.

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice