Dead Love: Zombies in San Rafael, Barrie and Zombie Bondage Ball

I could be posting till my fingers bleed zombie news, but I have other deadlines, so here’s a quick update.

You need to know that there will be a Pirate Zombie Crawl through the streets of San Rafael this eve. It starts in downtown San Rafael and ends up at the Falkirk at around 7:30. ZIA pals, post-mortem is expected if you go!

Also today … in downtown Barrie (that’s Canada, dead ones) the zombie madness starts at 12:30pm with ghoulovely make-up Toy and Party Abstract Salon. All this in preparation for the zombie walk, which is a big media boo-ha-ha in Barrie. They even give instruction on how to walk like a compelling zombie!

And finally … don’t miss The Horror Dolls at the Zombie Bondage Ball tonight at 9pm in Fresno—drop-dead gore-geous fun, no doubt.

OK, that sums it up for now … but, trust me, I have my bony little fingers on the undead pulse, and that’s just the tiniest taste of the zombiemania that is spreading across the planet today.

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice

  • boldlow

    Amazing outpouring of “Dead Love” for zombies everywhere. Their growing presence suggests spontaneous generation … but after your many interviews with the zombie movers and shakers, we know that isn't quite accurate. Passion, imagination and inspiration mask the admirable efforts behind the scenes – would make Romero proud, don't you think? Stagger on …