Dead Love: Zombies in Paris, City of Night … and Light

The mere mention of Paris cemeteries makes me think of David Downie, who used to have an office overlooking Père Lachaise in the City of  Light … and dark. David knows EVERYTHING about Paris and I love the way he conjures it in Paris, City of Night, which is about code (as in Enigma) and photography and stolen art and murder. Oh, yes … quite a murky brew. I love the pursuit that takes us all around Paris, but perhaps I am raving about it because I love David, who loves Paris and literature and writes a fascinating blog about France. David, I want you to write about the rats and the catacombs and the cemeteries. Pleeeeeze. And I will write about the Paris zombies … they are stylishly disheveled.

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice

  • boldlow

    Sounds like Paris got hold of David and took over his soul…She does that sometimes…or at least listens to it then decides to give you a good time or a nightmare. Imagine a good time in the catacombs – easy enough to do in the cemeteries – all those souls who lent their life force to what makes Paris alluring. Look forward to DD's take on the rats (big ones and little ones) and cemeteries – especially if he reveals who he talks to there – when the clock strikes midnight.