Dead Love: Zombies in 2012

If you thought that zombies are going away, you are wrong. When are people going to get it? Zombies aren’t a craze; they’re a sign. They have everything to do with the corrupt state of affairs that is poisoning the world. Zombies are the scapegoats of evil, the victims. Some say zombification is caused by a virus; others know that to be a metaphor for the infection of mindlessness, for following unscrupulous, power-hungry leaders when they are clearly working for their interests, not yours. In your hearts, you know the truth. Everyone is a potential zombie. Humanity is constantly fighting against that unfortunate state.

Now, even Brad Pitt will be going zombie.

Yes, bad boys and ghouls, they announced it at Comic-Con. Brad Pitt will be be starring in the movie adaption of Max Brooks’s book, World War Z in 2012. The film is currently scheduled for a summer release.

And if Brad goes, could Angelina be far behind?

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice

zombie art by Bart Frescura, courtesy of Bart Frescura

  • boldlow

    That's all that's needed – the celebrities going zomba … I mean zombie. Will they emerge as the staggering horde's new leaders? Ha – imagine Brad Pitt rallying the scapegoated masses with a bloody (real blood gushing out of his mouth) call, or should I say groan…maybe no sound at all. Come on 2012 – hit us with your best shot and bring it with World War Z.