Dead Love: Zombies Ate Her Brain

Psychobilly? Oh, yeah. I love a good harangue with a twang, a kind of country western ballad gone creepy, and who better to deliver than the Canadians? They are a zombie-loving crowd up in the not-so-frozen north. Take, for example, those Toronto rockers, The Creepshow.

Sarah “SIN” Blackwood (guitar/vox), Sean “Sick Boy” McNab (stand-up bass/vox), The Reverend McGinty (sermons/organ/vox) and Matt “Pomade” Gee (drums) serve up their brain-smashing beats worldwide.

My favorite tune—largely because it’s an old time ballad of a girl gone wrong—is “Zombies Ate Her Brain.” It’s a knee-slapping, foot-stomping little ditty with plenty of pathos.

It’s all good fun, eh?

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice

  • Martha


    “I love a good harangue with a twang…” Did Lowry teach you that???

  • I learned it in at a zombie jamborwheeeee.

  • boldlow

    The Creepshow is 'da bomb' – knew harangue w/a twang was going to lead to something – fun video…was waiting for a frenetic riff on the gee-tar…maybe that happens in person.

    How do you find these things?!