Dead Love: Zombie Thanksgiving Recipe

If you want to know what makes Thanksgiving for a zombie, let me give it to you in one word: giblets.

Giblet is a culinary term used to identify certain innards like the heart, liver, gizzard (we are talking birds) and other visceral organs. Also called offal, these parts are used in a number of savory concoctions, like paté or kidney pie (remember Mrs. Lovett’s meat pastries?) or that old holiday favorite: giblet gravy. The offal truth about zombies (at least the viral variety) is that they are raw food enthusiasts and prefer their giblets fresh and slippery. But that is an acquired taste. Even die-hard zombies probably tucked into giblets seared and seasoned at some point in their lives.

So, for this very special day let me offer up an easy recipe for Giblet Gravy à la Zombie. Serve with a Brain Candy (recipe also on the site) and smile. Yum.

For this you will need a whole bird of some kind with the innards.

  • Roast the bird
  • Boil the innards in water with good stuff (Garlic? Celery? Onion? Parsley? You choose.)
  • Fish out the innards and cut up the soft, boneless ones.
  • Make a paste with water and flour.
  • Put roasted bird drippings in a pan and heat.
  • Add flour/water paste, then add giblets.
  • Add giblet stock to desired consistency.

For zombie version, which is even simpler, eliminate flour and water and do not cook.

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice

  • boldlow

    Man that makes me hungry. Thanks for the recipes! Bon appetit!