Dead Love: Zombie Sex & Laughs in a New eBook

“E” is for Erin, and in this case, it’s also for eBooks, which I am getting very eXcited about because of this eXcellent review of DEAD LOVE.

So check out the complete review on the popular blog, Me and My Kindle. Here’s a little sample from “eBooks, Sex, and Zombies,” but really you should read the review in its eNtirety.

“I used the Kindle’s bookmark feature to store many favorite examples of fine writing (the description of Amsterdam is a masterpiece), but I’ll move on to the surprising laughs that pop up throughout the book. I never expected to laugh out loud while reading a zombie thriller, but McFerrin creates scenes that are absurd theater. Erin wakes up after being dead for three days in a new partial-zombie status, and the scene, though horrific, is also touching and then laugh-out-loud funny. I’ve not been so appalled at laughing since the scene in Fargo where the kidnapped wife cuts a crazy path out of the bedroom and down the stairs wrapped in clear plastic. McFerrin’s vivid visuals create these unexpectedly funny images.

I loved Dead Love. The beautiful writing, the unexpected laughs, the unexpected plot, and the unusual characters. Fast-paced and surprisingly touching, the novel never disappointed me…

*                        *                        *

And yes, there is a zombie sex scene …”

—eXcerpted from Me and My Kindle, An excited chronicle (10/08/2010)

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice

  • boldlow

    Hi Erin – it IS eXCITING that Dead Love is eVailable for electronic reading! And, what an eXtraordinary review on Me and My Kindle. Well deserved. Even those I've spoken to who normally don't go for zombies & ghouls say they kept turning the pages 'cause they couldn't put it down. Fabulous and fun … I think I'll read Dead Love again…