Dead Love: Zombie-Proof House

Leave it to the ZIA to suss out the safest place to be during a zombie apocalypse. In this case, undying love and kudos to ZIA member JS for finding a possible hideout from a hungry horde.

KWK Promes, a Polish architectural firm, is responsible for the safe house. We can thank architect Robert Konieczny, collaborators Lukasz Zadrzynski, Marcin Jojko, and a team of others for its design. This is the firm also responsible for the snail house, the komoda house and the hidden house, (don’t ask) among other fascinating abodes.

“The most essential item for our clients was acquiring the feeling of maximum security,” say the creators.

The house is a solid rectangular prism with movable walls. There is only one door. After passing through a the gate no one can enter the house without waiting in a safety zone for residents to open the main door.

Nice and tight. Nighty-night. But we think the zombies will still find a way in!

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice