Dead Love: Zombie Prom!

Oh, I do so want to go to the prom!

Just need to find the right guy … er … I mean, ghoul to ask me to go. He’ll have to be able to get me there, though, and that will involve some serious travel as I’m here on the left coast and this prom is way the heck in Pennsylvania which is kind of the American Zombie Transylvania—think: famous zombie malls—or maybe that’s somewhere in Michigan.

This one is going to take place on February 18th, a little after Valentine’s Day, so all the dearly disappointed should be celebrating Dead Love in various ways. I’m determined to go and get bloody glamourous. Fashionistas, I’m thinking a bruise-green gown with a great gored skirt. Killer, right?

So here are the details: Zombie Prom!

If I don’t make it, my proxy will be a limited edition hard cover copy of Dead Love, given away to some delightfully dastardly deadling.

Stagger on PA!

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice


  • Bruise green gown with a gored skirt? Erin, you will be drop dead gorgeous!

  • I’m dying to join you in my sari.

  • I’m sure that Clement would be glad to be your date, Linda.

  • Leanne

    Wish I could make it to PA’s zombie prom, but it’s too distant. I’ll just have to send some mangled brain juice instead.

  • Erin, Daaah-ling,
    You simply MUST wear something dazzling at the neck with that bruise-green gown! You’ll knock ’em dead, I’m sure!

  • Terry Sue Harms

    Backless or plunging neckline?  Feathers or fur?  Cape or throw?  You’re sure to be the belle of the ball in whatever you choose.  Let me know if you need any pearls.
    What’s next?  Zombie U, Corpse College, Ghoul Tech?

  • Erin definitely wear something by Mugler. With latex pants, furs with Mugler shoulders, body stocking dresses and plenty drama and darkness. Perfect for the zombie prom. Oh and of course match that with a pair of red soled Christian Louboutin shoes. 


  • You are so stylish. I wore a body stocking and the Christian Louboutin shoes … don’t like the name Christian, however. Maybe that’s why I was stumbling all night. Six-inch heels and a zombie stagger are NOT a match. But I looked my best.

  • My sari is linen and looks like a winding cloth!

  • Ugh, Clement … nuff said.

  • The zombie prom is still going on!

  • As recommended by Stylishlyme, I wore a body stalking … er … I mean stocking to one prom, but there’s another coming up, so plunging sounds staggering too.