Dead Love: Zombie Nation

Oh, all that talk about brains. How about a little FRIVOLITY today … something totally zombilicious? For that, we need to listen to the German techno and electro beats of Munich-based DJ and music producer Florian Senfter or Zombie Nation. Yes, it’s time to join Splank in a short shuffle to “Kernkraft 400.”

Once you have listened and observed, you will be in a really good mood, which is the whole point. Zombie Nation, aka John Starlight, uses an Akai MPC 4000 music sequencer and a mixing console to create effects and arrangements. The first five track EP was released in the spring of 1999 and included “Kernkraft 400,” which immediately flew to the top of some charts. Since then, Zombie Nation has consistently released excellent tracks. Early this year Zombie Nation developed “The Mind of Many” by Zombie Nation and Friends, a collectively orchestrated “democratic composition” that combines sounds sent by Facebook and Twitter pals, so definitely the music of the people, by the people, in a world of celebrating zombies whose time has come. Yes!

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/The Daily Slice

Photo image by Bart D. Frescura, courtesy of Bart D. Frescura

  • boldlow

    Saw this post awhile back – forgot how upbeat Zombie Nation is and got the day going with a little techno rhythm. Clever how ZN interweaves social commentary with new-yet-primitive techniques. Look forward to future posts re ZN!