Dead Love: Zombie Glee on Super Bowl Sunday

Glee—that’s what I was feeling yesterday as millions of football fans stayed tuned post-Super Bowl to watch zombies take to the field in what to my mind is one of America’s #1 viewing experiences. Yeah, they definitely “put a little afterlife into it” on the hit series, Glee.

It had everything a dead-loving heart could desire: zombie camp, zombie make-up, zombie singers, zombie dancers, and zombie football players. Practically the best part was the half-time entertainment—a mash-up of “Off with Your Head” and “Thriller” performed by a very lively living dead ensemble, the New Directions Glee Club of fictional McKinley High. That was topped by a win for team zombie. True, the chant “BRAINZZZZ” quite naturally strikes dread in the hearts of many teens, but it was fun to watch it win a game … even if it was just a game on TV. Besides, we all know that what we see on TV today will be all over the planet tomorrow.

I hope now the naysayers will finally understand that zombies, like diamonds (and possibly all major spectator sports), are forever.

You can watch the full episode (#5/Sue Sylvester Shuffle) here.

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice

photo: FOX – Glee Zombie Super Bowl Episode