Dead Love: Zombie Bash

Oh, we had a rockin’ time last night at the very first DEAD LOVE party and if that is any indication of times to come, good friends will have my back when I  stagger out into the slimelight.

It was broad daylight when the party began, so views for days from top-of-the-hill Tiburon where our handsomely wholesome hosts cavort. Chef Kirk Soren Hansen served up fine fare that had nothing to do with zombies and everything to do with just being droolingly delicious. Plenty of DEAD LOVE swag: buttons, bookmarks and wacky gifts like the “Tired Old Ass Unisex Care Kit for all the Weary Bodies of the World.” Some black clothing. Good thing because there was a lot of color in the crowd. A LOT of color. I also got a crystal ball and a great VooDoo Baby:  Flying Dagger, a Strength talisman to protect against invaders of all sorts. Heeeee aaaah! Fssst.

No invaders at this party, just cool and creative celebrants, plenty of food and drink and a  musical interlude introducing a haunting song, written by writer/musician Gail Strickland, just for the occasion, played on piano by Gail with Lowry on violin and Scott on drums. Awesome.

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice

  • Gailstrickland

    No “near-dead” zombies at this party! Linda, Darling, you are grand!