Dead Love: Zombie Anti-Virus

Are you dragging around like a zombie, staggering along, never catching up with whatever it is you are after? That’s how I felt until I found the purple powder. You remember my exercise guru, Nancy Bruning, founder of Nancercize? She’s the one who leads those N.Y. zombies in their early morning stumble around Fort Tryon Park. Well, Nancy Bruning, MPH, (no, that does not mean miles per hour, though it could …) got me started on OPC3 and I am no longer a shiftless, lackluster example of someone with one foot in the grave. I have to say this is a HUGE transformation for me. OK, I am a bit of a follower, and if someone clearly has brains like this Master of Public Health (she has written tons of books on the subject!) I’m going to follow them anywhere. And what’s inside Nancy’s cranium is delightfully fresh and vibrant, though she is constantly flamenco-ing or exercising her brains out … or perhaps because of it. Now she has me on all kinds of Isotonix—my new zombie anti-virus. I take the purple powder, the orange powder and will soon be whipping up my own custom cocktail, because the zombie threat is everywhere—in your office, at home, at the shopping mall, in your travels—and the fight never ends. You have to stay in shape.

Outrun. Outlast. Outlive.

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice

Photo:  Bruning in Her Flamenco Attire/courtesy of Nancy Bruning