Dead Love: Zits on Zombies

Zombie laughs hit the funnies, which is about as middle-America-mainstream as you can get. A ZIA member alerted us that zombies have hit Zits. The popular strip recently shared the advantages of zombie parenting with its rather conservative readers. Those who think that zombies aren’t making their way down Main Street, USA, might need to think again.

No doubt tons of kids feel like some of their family members are zombies. Here are a few of the reasons (according to Zits) that zombies make good parents:

  • Fewer dishes to wash
  • More alone time
  • Shorter school meetings
  • Attention easily diverted
  • Mistakes more easily tolerated
  • Simplified gift giving

Children take note.

As with most things zombie, this really has to be seen to be appreciated. So page through to find out how zombie parents can make life … well … simpler.

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice


Zombie photo courtesy of LWMC

  • boldlow

    This is hilarious! Very few would have expected zombies to go this mainstream, but Linda Watanabe McFerrin did … and the ZIA!. Thanks for the links, Erin.