Dead Love: When Zombies Travel to Toronto

As you know by now, if you are reading my blog (The Daily Slice), there is an awesome zombie walk coming up in Toronto on October 23rd. And we have that rad and ravishing zombie wrangler, Thea Munster, to thank for lining things up …. which, by the way, is close to IMPOSSIBLE to do with zombies.

Of course, if you are visiting the city for the Toronto Zombie Walk, you might want to know where to wander before and after the main event, so once again I turn to my favorite ghoulie gal for the lowdown on grave matters.

Q. Thea, where were you raised and how did you come to Toronto?

A. I grew up on the West Coast of Canada, Victoria, BC to be specific. I moved to Toronto to attend Ryerson University. I now live outside of Toronto, in Hamilton, but my work and zombie walk bring me into Toronto almost every day.

Q. What do you like/love about Toronto?

A. I really like the fact that there is so much going on in Toronto. If money flowed like blood I could be at a show every night!

Q. What do you dislike/hate?

A. I hate rush hour traffic, especially on the subway. It is a real pain for a zombie to be squished in with the living; it’s like having French fries waved in front of you when you’re starving and not being able to take a nibble.

Q. What makes it a good city for a zombie walk?

A. There are so many people to feast on. They are everywhere. It is also the home to George A. Romero, and is a shooting location for his last two films. Toronto has also been used as a back drop in the Resident Evil movie series. It’s a great city for a zombie apocalypse.

Q. What are your favorite dark things to do in Toronto (besides the TZW)?

A. There are lots of bars and clubs, which are OK, but I prefer the cemeteries. Necropolis is nice for a midnight stroll.

Q. What are the best eateries for the undead?

A. Well, I’m a vegetarian. The only meat I eat is of the human variety, so my pick would have to be Sadie’s Diner. It’s a fifties-inspired diner with delectable cuisine for vegetarians and vegans. Besides that, I like to stop for a drink at the Cadillac Lounge when I can.

Q. What ae the livliest gathering places?

A. Any place on Queen West on a Friday or Saturday night. You have a wide variety of clubs and restaurants that appeal to an eclectic group of people. I like people watching on this street, some of the weekend wear you see is really to die for.

Q. Where should the visiting zombie stay?

A. You know, I have been trying to find a good hotel in Toronto for Zombie Walk visitors for awhile. Many are highly priced, and if they are cheap they can be really bad. The Metropolitan Hotel on Chesnut St. isn’t bad; the rooms are small, but it’s a good rate. If you are looking for an experience, you could stay at The Clarion Hotel & Suites Selby. It is in a historic Victorian mansion, and was home to Ernest Hemingway and his wife in the early 1900s. Or you could stay at The Gladstone Hotel on Queen with rooms designed by different artists, but it’s very high end.

Q. Are there any “thrilling” local celebs?

A. George A. Romero lives in Toronto now!

Q. Day trips outside Toronto for the wandering deadling?

A. Niagara Falls is only an hour away and is riddled with Haunted Houses and bizarre tourist attractions. There’s a gigantic statue of Frankenstein eating a burger, and a King Kong that hangs over the streets of Clifton Hill. There is also a UFO restaurant there. I love Niagara Falls for a kitschy night out.

Q. Other staggering things to do, places to see?

A. I would recommend Kensington market. This year’s zombie walk goes right through Kensington, and the shop owners seem to be very welcoming to zombies. It is home to many local artists and interesting collectives. Some of Kensington is vegetable stands, cheese shops and bakeries, but it also has a whole row of houses with shops in them that specialize in vintage attire, and used clothing. It’s a great place to find the perfect outfit for the zombie walk. ###

So, deadlings, do not eat and run at the next zombie walk. Get out and shuffle about. Thea’s tips should keep you moving … for a while.

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice

Photo of Thea Munster, courtesy of Thea Munster

  • boldlow

    Who'd tho't that zombies can be so articulate?! Great interview with the Toronto Zombie Queen, Thea. Even a little travel insight! Erin, your questions are gooood! The answers entertaining and informative. Who's up next on your interview queue? Thanks!

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