Dead Love: Warm Bodies and Stone Cold Bonies

And while I’m on the subject of films, let me add that I recently saw Warm Bodies and, well … be still my barely beating zombie heart.

Based on Isaac Marion’s  novel of the same name, the film stars Nicholas Hoult as zombie R, Teresa Palmer as Julie, and John Malkovich as her dad, zombie-killing General Grigio.

Zombie R eats Julie’s ex-boyfriend’s brain (thanks for the memories, fella) and falls in love with Julie. Julie, who obviously likes to stagger around on the dead side, then trips, totters, falls … for the zombie hero. Hurrah!

There’s a great zombie balcony scene. Julie … R … balcony … ? Now, am I the ONLY one who noticed this is a whole heck of a lot like Romeo and Juliette?

Oh, yes! It’s a slobberingly super celebration of dead love. It might not be die-hard zombie fan fodder, but it’s a welcome twist to the usual regurgitated fare, and it does feature an excellent fight with the bonies.

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice