Dead Love: Valley Ghouls Gather for Zombie Ball and Crawl

Was it the heat, the sense of camaraderie and good times, the slow drool of young and old flesh into the parking lot of Howie & Son’s Pizza? One of my ghoulie gang was getting a little wistful about the Visalia Zombie Ball and Crawl and compared it to American Graffiti with zombies. Maybe so; I was also overwhelmed with a kind of nostalgia for bygone days … but isn’t that just so zombie? There’s something embracing about a good mob, and this crowd of hundreds was all that.

Kaci Hansen, founder of the Central Valley Horror Club, gathered the undead for this event and all the deadlings were clearly having a killer time chowing down on finger foods, eyeballing Mandibella’s provocative bellydancing technique and throwing their limbs around on the dance floor to the beats of GATJA and other groups. Yes, hearts thrilled when a group of young zombies got excited and started jumping and bumping around on the dance floor, but it’s a zombie ball … so it was a momentary spasm; then things settled down do the unceasing and endearing shuffle that marks the living dead. Zombies did roar, holler and hoot at the crowning of 2010’s Creepshow Queen. Sonia Soleno bagged that prize.

What a wicked party! Visalia put its best foot forward on Saturday night and the zombies grabbed it and ran with it.

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice

  • boldlow

    Indeed! What a great time! The zombie gallery was in full force. What a treat to be there. Linda has some exciting events ahead – perhaps your blogging public will get a chance to chat with you!