Dead Love: Vaccine Zombie


Vaccination or contamination? The zombie patrol project has identified problems with various vaccinations. If you are compulsive about “shooting up” every year or forcing it upon your loved ones, you might want to think about what’s in the syringe. Here’s a zombie contamination alert that has recently gone viral. Sent to me by one of my health-conscious pals who swears you should think carefully before you donate your body to science or you could become a vaccine zombieeeeeee … warrrrrrgh!

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice

  • boldlow

    I see a zombie-style revolution brewing…take care of oneself! I can imagine what happens when “mindless” zombies focus and change the world against modern-day witchdoctors!

  • Laurie

    Wha?! I had no idea zombie vaccinations was such a political topic! (Too much TED?)