Dead Love Trailer Contest – Two Ways to Win!

Just want to remind you all that there is a Dead Love Trailer Contest and the deadline is looming. Now there are two ways to win: through the contest and by checking into the International Movie Trailer Festival.

Have you ever wanted to make a horror film? Now’s your chance. Well, how about a 30-second to 2-minute zombie trailer? What could be simpler? You can use anything you like: phone; flip; elaborate equipment, rigs and crew. Your reward for this mini monster movie is cash and other prizes. The best part: your pals can help you win it.

So dig out that zombie footage, those horror clips from your previous work, or make like a zombie and start recording your every lurch and stumble. This is easy and fun. Now’s your chance to share those creep-show talents with as many people as possible. The Good News is that zombies and viral are virtually synonymous. So spread the love … dead love.

Here are the details:


Complete rules and regulations:

YouTube group (this is where people actually submit their videos, then people vote on the videos; it shows votes, not overall views, though videos with lots of views mean popularity too:

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice