Dead Love: This Zombie Has Landed

DEAD LOVE has landed in the Bay Area! Zombie celebrations coming up!

To kick-off listen in as author Linda Watanabe McFerrin and Lilycat discuss the zombie invasion right down to its dark roots. Yeah!  Also on the show is the Director of Paranormal Research and “The Witch” and Matt Delight, author of the graphic novel series “Zombies and Broken Hearts.”

You’ll be treated, of course, to a bit of DEAD LOVE on the air: sex, death or dismemberment anyone? This is FCC-free radio at its best. So join the fray on September 5th at 107.3 FM at 12-2pm, PST, for Lilycat on Stuff and see what all the noise is about.

To catch Lilycat and Linda’s a Fourth of July gab about zombies and vampires and cookouts, you can listen in at your leisure. Conversation starts after the crazy musical intro; feel free to skip ahead. A couple of callers asked great questions like, “What to do about a kid obsessed with zombies?” The solution is revealed. Great nighttime listening.

Oh, and don’t forget to call in an share your DEAD LOVE mania!

Call in during the show: STUDIO LINE – 415-513-5239 – to chat or creep us out with your news and views.

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Podcast of previous show with Linda and Lilycat: Listen.

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice

Zombie art courtesy of Bart Frescura, copyright Bart Frescura

  • boldlow

    You're on the air again – great! I've tuned in before to listen to Lilycat's interview questions and your answers – the dialogue is fun and informative. Count me in as a listener on September 5th!