Dead Love: The Limousines are Killer

Had to go underground for a little while. Awww, did you miss me?

I needed a lift, so when a darrrrrrling Doctor-Who-loving ZIA member sent this lively little chanson my way, I was truly touched. I’m sharing it today because you might need a lift too … OK, also because there is some great zombie footage—or shamblage, or is that stumblage?—in it.

It’s The Limousines performing Internet Killed the Video Star.

It’ll move you … especially if you have trouble in that area.

Here’s may favorite part:

“Like everything we’re doing no ones ever done before
Did you hear what they said?
That rock and roll is dead?
Yeah, it’s like a zombie it will dig its self back up again
Tune in the signal but it’s fading
Some ghost strumming his guitar on the radio
Singing ‘oh the glory days are gone but everything ok cause we still love our sex and drugs just like the good ol’ days’

… We can’t rewind we’ve gone too far
The internet killed the video star …’

—The Limousines

Actually, I am going to rewind.

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice




  • Elizabeth Weaver

    great song & excerpt…thanks…I hope you’re doing much better!

  • Edwardamartinez

    Hi Linda  Guess what ?  I did the Zombie make up for the music video ” The Internet Killed the radio stars ” Also it won an award recently so thanks for putting it in the Daily Slice   : )   Ed Martinez Make up FX

  • Edwardamartinez

    Oops  I got the title Wrong I mean The Internet Killed the Video stars… My bad   : 0  ED