Dead Love: The Atlantic and Our Inner Zombies

Zombies have now hit The Atlantic … the magazine, I mean. You’ll find the undead gracing the pages of the April issue. Does that suggest that they are moving up to headier, dare I say brainier, heights? The GQ article this month clearly marks them as stylish … in a fashion-zombie way. Now this.

The story, on page 32 under the “Entertainment” header, suggests that zombies are, at the very least, diverting. Well, we all know that tales of the undead are crowd pleasing. What I find amazing is that voices like James Parker’s declare that zombies are not going away, as if to counter some ridiculous notion that they are a passing fancy.

Let me assure you, zombies are neither passing nor a fancy. As Parker’s piece points out, they are here to stay and they will out-live, out-last, out-stumble.

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice