Dead Love: The Apple Pie American GQ Zombie

Have zombies finally made it onto the pages of gentleman’s magazines?

They have indeed. And I enjoyed reading all about ’em in an article, “Zombies, as American as Apple Pie,” in the March issue of GQ. The funny part: this tastefully treated look at the undead on page 117 was the first real bit of content in the book, following—as it did—pages upon pages of ads. Are women losing the style race or—rather—the race for style?

True colors will out. What we really want to read about are nurses and housewives and policemen and regular guys bitten by the zombie bug, knocking themselves out to get ahead … a head with brains in it, that is.

Writer Tom Carson explains that zombies are remorselessly democratic, which has always been my contention, but he falls a bit short in his leap into the profundity of the irony of the zombie metaphor … like the fact that this is the very best GQ has to offer. Still, it’s a surprisingly lively scrap of “GQ Intelligence” (that is the subhead for the department) to be found hanging out there all by itself on another American clothesline.

Hey, that’s why I bought my copy of GQ. You?

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice


  • Jared

    The GQ experience with Zombies. Wow, didn’t know how ‘ fashionable ‘ I was, I have all the clothing pictured in the Zombie article.
    Oh, here’s a new one. An episode of ‘ House ‘ has dream sequences using……yes…….wait for it……not too early…….hang on to it…….yesss……ok NOW – Zombies. The whole cast is recast as zombies.

  • You are a fashion god.