Dead Love: Stampede of the Living Dead

So many zombie walks, so little time! There are a staggering number of zombie creep-crawl-stumbles coming up in the next day or so. How to choose? Since I’m here, in the D.C. area, I’ll be joining the parade of the living dead in Silver Spring, though my heart and other vital organs as well as a lot of DEAD LOVE will be with Thea and the Canadian fiends at the Toronto Zombie Walk.

And what about the Portland zombies or the gruesome gang in Sonoma who will be enjoying back-to-back crawls and a literary zombie brain bump after the shuffle?

I’ll be at  Jackie’s Sidebar and Jackie’s Back Room, located at the corner of Sligo and Georgia Avenues in Silver Spring to rub shoulders with the shiftless horde and suck up a few pints of mind altering fluids until the masses are moved to march. The walk itself starts at 9, but the livid are encouraged to get lively before surging into the night.

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice

  • Mgreenway

    Erin, I thought about you last night and I watched “Dracula” by the Columbia (SC) City Ballet. Since I finished reading Dear Love, I've found myself drawn (and quartered?) to the macabre.

  • boldlow

    Hey Erin, this sounds like an amended shop till you drop, buy till you die – nothing like a few pints of mind altering fluids to put things in proper perspective…stagger on!