Dead Love: Sexy Zombies Make Scary Dates

Zombies move slowly, I know, but before it’s too late, let those dessicated digits do the walking and check out the awfully sexy zombie pin-up calendar. Talk about scary dates!

A terror-ific addition to pool halls, bars, garages and any place that testosterone tends to gather and pocket—the creepy chicks on the calendar are an excellent reminder to mind one’s manners. This artful presentation of potentially putrescent pulchritude is the brain-child of the creators of the New Jersey Zombie Walk.

I think a pin-up calendar is a fiendishly clever way to keep track of the living dead. You could use it to schedule this year’s zombie walks and other gravely significant occasions.

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice

  • Anonymous

    Awesome – first the zombie-based activities in the Central Valley … now wall hanging art from New Jersey – Erin, you scope these things out magnificently and bring ’em home – thanks! My zombie world is so much grander than it was before Dead Love and The Daily Slice. Stagger on … !