Dead Love: Saturday’s Zombie Ball and Crawl

We have two major events coming up. There’s the DEAD LOVE reading with author Linda Watanabe McFerrin on Friday night at The Avid Reader in Davis  and there’s the  Zombie Ball and Crawl on Saturday night in Visalia. Copies of DEAD LOVE are on the menu that night as awards.

So you might be wondering: How exactly does one prepare for a zombie ball and crawl? Well, here are some tips. You can find additional ideas (including make-up suggestions), courtesy of the Central Valley Horror Club’s obviously well-endowed brain trust, on their website.

Zombie Costume Tips

Ask yourself: Who were you? How did you die? Why did you come back?

1.) Who were you in your previous life?

Pull it out of the closet or dumpster. You can recycle those past lives looks for a haunting comeback: nurse, nerd, bride, bridegroom, doctor, fireman, WHATever.

2.) How did you die?

Bitten or blown up? Did you fall from a building? Break an arm? Lose some hair? Pick up a maggot fan club? Mess is best, so make it bloody good.

3.) What made the dead walk amongst the living?

  • Radiation
  • Voodoo
  • Virus
  • Toxic Waste

As you can see, the ghastly, gooey possibilities are endless. So … go get drop-dead gore-geous and remember—all zombie wear is fully recyclable and besides being moldy … it’s totally GREEN.

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice

  • boldlow

    Great tips! Thanks. Linda was awesome at The Avid Reader. She's also a pretty good make up artist – should see how she's transformed many a goober human to gore-geous zombie! What a gal! Whatcha goin' to blog next? 🙂