Dead Love: Red Is Not Dead at Eventi

If you are a DEAD LOVE reader you know that setting is everything. Last night’s gathering at Eventi, a Kimpton Hotel in Manhattan, really proved this. The scene was perfectly set in the deliciously dark chocolate lobby where friends and hotel guests gathered for wine and a Shinjuku flashback featuring yours truly; Hiroshi Nakamura; and the ghoul, Clément. Ahhhh, the stuff nightmares are made of … and we did wish the guests—quite an international crowd—colorful dreams. They seemed excited, ready to write their own pre-Halloween stories when their dazed heads finally hit their pillows in their home-away-from-home’s truly gore-geous, delectably appointed king, queen and deluxe guestrooms and suites.

Trust me, a great hotel can add just the right twist of excitement to your life, especially if you have a tendency to let long flights and wild nights turn you into a travel zombie. It’s insane not to indulge.

As for our crowd, some of us stumbled up to the blood-red Bar Basque. The futuristic vision of Syd Mead, it was heart-throbbingly scarlet, dead-lightfully Euro-Asian in feel, and sort of starship Enterprise in design. But what really made made my undead heart go pitta-pat was the killer wine selection dispensed—in a totally Japanese way—from a series of sleek spigots set in a “wine wall.” Insert card; place large wine glass under appropriate spigot, select 1 oz, 3 oz, or 5 oz sample, and press button. All of this goes rather well with anchovies in oil or olives or other mouthwatering “bites.” Droolfully delectable … and through the giant windows that flank one side of the womb-with-a-view, huge Big Picture moments on the hotel plaza screen.

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice

  • boldlow

    Hey Erin – looks like you're exercising your literary chops! Beautiful write up re the Eventi event – sorry I couldn't be there to experience it first hand, although it felt like I was there. Bet Linda's reading knocked em Dead! Onward with Dead Love…