Dead Love: Rad and the Michigan Zombies

Ooooh, just had the pleasure of interviewing Rad Lewandowski, the founder of Zombie Hoard. Rad is devoted to the undead. Rad, you are a zombie-mad dude after my own heart. Dead, dead, dead love you!

Q. What’s going on with zombies?

A. Zombies are huge right now! Forget about those silly little “Vampires” that shimmer and sparkle! In the last year or so it seems like Zombies have had a sort of rebirth, between lots of new books, a bunch of mainstream movies coming out as well as a ton of low budget pics and the announcement that AMC will be turning Robert Kirkman’s “The Walking Dead” into a TV series, Zombies are alive, or is that undead, and well!

Q. What is your relationship with zombies and how did it begin?

A. I was born the same year George A Romero’s “Dawn of the Dead” made its way onto the big screen (1978) and 7 or so years later I was foolish enough to watch the movie on TV, and even with all the TV editing it still scared the living crap outta me! That was my introduction to what would end up being a life long (thus far) love affair with the Undead.

Q. What part do zombies play in your day-to-day life?

A. Well, as my fiance would say, “No, we are NOT having a Zombie themed wedding!” I run a site dedicated to Zombie News and Entertainment, which I try to update daily, I have Zombie Action Figures in my bedroom, own several dozen Zombie books and I’m constantly picking up new ones, not to mention the countless DVD’s, T-shirts, posters, and anything else Zombie related. So yea, they don’t take up too much of my time…..

Q. What is a Michigan zombie? Do you consider yourself one?

A. A Michigan Zombie is someone who supports their local community, whether it be authors, film makers, artists, actors, movies, shows, products, shops, or anything else Zombie related. Its real easy for someone to promote a George Romero or a Max Brooks, their names don’t need much explanation in the Zombie community, but not everyone is willing to give the little guys a chance. Folks like Wolfman Mac here in MI who created, produces, and hosts a nationally syndicated TV show in South East Michigan, called “Wolfman Mac’s Chiller Drive-In.” Or guys like Ron DiPrimio who just finished principal photography on the low budget “For Love of Zombies”. And all the authors out there who cant catch a break from the big publishing houses, folks like these need the love and support from their communities and Zombies abroad, remember, without them the Zombie genre would become extinct, so become a community Zombie and support the little guys! I do what I can to help, I know how hard it can be to get buried behind the big dogs!

Q. What’s up with the ZombieHoard website and all? Your involvement?

A. Zombie Hoard is very much a labor of love for me, I’ve always been fascinated by all the news and entertainment available on the web and I figured why not combine my love for Zombies and messing around with web design and created Its pretty much a one man operation, with the occasional guest review, which I’m always looking for btw! It gets to be a bit much at times, but its always worth the time when I see folks enjoying it!

Q. How do you keep zombies from doing a time suck, or is it OK for zombies to be a time suck?

A. Well, with two step-daughters and a pregnant fiance running around the house I’m lucky to have a few hours to myself sometimes! In all honesty I’m real lucky to be able to dedicate a few hours a day to all things Zombie, but my family definitely comes first, especially in the summer! If I have to choose a weekend of camping over Zombies the latter doesn’t stand a chance!

Q. What other dark matter attracts you?

A. I’ve been a huge horror buff since I was in my moms belly, lol, I blame her, she got me addicted to horror at a young age and I haven’t turned back! Everything from books to movies to action figures! Zombies will always be first on my list, but my all time favorite slasher is Mike Myers! The original “Halloween” is one of my favorite movies to this day, and I’ve put a curse on Rob Zombie for screwing him up! If its horror and gore related I’m willing to have a look, no matter how bad!###

See what I mean? Rad is bad. And he brings up a very important issue about having to abandon the zombies for camping. I say, “Take the zombie fever along.” I’ll have to give him a few tips on zombie camping.

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice

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