Dead Love: Mourning Dr. Creep

I was sad to hear of Dr. Creep’s death last week, which corresponded with certain cataclysmic cyber events that shall remain nameless.

Dr. Creep, aka Barry Hobart, made his WKEF (Dayton) debut as the late-night horror host of Shock Theater. Initially known as Dr. Death, he donned scary garb and fangs for the role. He was also popular with the kiddies, co-hosting a children’s show in the afternoons and eventually moving Shock Theater to a youth-friendly daytime spot.

Are creeps kind? Absolutely. In addition to launching HORRORAMA, the all-night horror film fest, this dark fellow also co-founded “Project Smiles,” a charity that collects toys for tots in the Dayton area every Christmas.

How does one salute a deceased horror host? I think Necrophagia, the black metal band he interacted with in Necrophagia: Through Eyes Of The Dead might do that best in one of their cheerful little numbers,  Embalmed Yet I Breath.

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice