Dead Love: More Zombie Poetics

Last night poets gathered in Oakland’s First Congregational Church at the Poetry Feeds Benefit for Share First Oakland. It was heartbreakingly beautiful, in my opinion, to hear the voices flying out over the sparsely populated pews and up to the rafters in hope. I’ve said it before: Hope is like a sickening rollercoaster ride that takes you up and down and throws you about.* Poet and Dead Love author, Linda Watanabe McFerrin, was one of the readers. She actually read a few lines from Clément’s rainforest lament, which I found moving even when I was his prisoner. So with all of this incantment swirling about in my brain, my post is going to be another of my poems. I was flying across the U.S. when I wrote this one, trapped in the air on my way to my own metal future.

Every Girl Should Read

Every girl should read the books that boys read,
see that war and machinery are in their future,
that the soft flesh will melt in the blast furnace of invention,
that the old patterns will be laughed at, passé.
New creation means new variations on a cold, metallic theme.
Oh, masterful manipulation we salute the direction.
And at night—when it is blackout and all the heathfires dead—
we chalk in imaginary lines between the distant constellations,
hope that one day the scrap we are left with
will take us to the stars.

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice

*from DEAD LOVE/Chapter 16/The Cocktail Hour.

  • boldlow

    Amazing poem Erin. You keep this up you'll have a fabulous Chapbook! You evoke such power and imagery with so few words – is there going to be a virtual DEAD LOVE Poetry Jam? Lookin' forward to your next creative poetic venture!