Dead Love: Minneapolis Zombies Cash in on Justice

Quit picking on zombies. They have rights too. Just because you’ve got bad hair, stagger about, and are carrying a radio or a bag full of wires is no reason for police to arrest you.

According to the Star Tribune, Minneapolis police learned this lesson when the City Attorney’s office decided last week to shell out $165,000 to 7 zombies arrested in 2006 as they lurched through town, protesting consumerism in perfectly appropriate  zombie fashion. They were unreasonably jailed for two days. No charges were filed as the zombies were staggeringly innocent of any wrong doing … unless stumbling around without style and grace is a criminal act. Wouldn’t just about everyone be guilty if that were the case?

So chalk one up for the zombies, for justice and for a nation where even the undead can wander safely through the streets of a major metropolis without fear of obstruction by fear-based profiling and prejudice. Susan L. Segal, Minneapolis City Attorney, thank you, for making sure American streets are safe … even for zombies.

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice

  • boldlow

    Unbelievable! Hooray for zombie justice … time to shackle law enforcement … or at least expand their public interaction training. Be cheaper than paying judgements against their misuse of power! Go zombies – stagger on!