Dead Love: Millions of Copies?

When Jessi Sparkman says she loves something, you’d be a fool not to take her seriously. This drop-dead-lovely lady does NOT kid around. And she knows her zombies. In fact she leads a whole passel of them on a yearly stagger through her Montana town.

Jessi writes in the dead of night: “I felt embraced by the somber yet invoking story of a love that was just out of reach. It felt like I was trying to hold on to a brightly colored dream while waking into a reality drenched in tragedy. Who is truly the monster in this story?

“I love things that make you use your imagination,” she continues “and Dead Love definitely utilized that part of my brain. I’ll read it again in a month or two and enjoy it just as much. I really enjoyed Clément. What a fascinating lovestruck being, ancient yet playful. I hope you sell millions of copies of this book!”

We, the Dead Love cast, hope so too, Jessi. We’re so glad you enjoyed our company.

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice

Photo of Jessi Sparkman, by Naomi Zatorowski, copyright Naomi Zatorowski

  • boldlow

    Millions of copies – Jessie is right! Dead Love SHOULD sell that many. It is SUCH a good book in so many levels. From humor to philosophy to suspense – your story, Erin, is a rich experience each time I read it, hear it read, or listen to discussions about it. Thank you for introducing Jessie and her story/viewpoint to us. The world you share with us is fascinating and magical…