Dead Love: Melbourne Zombie Shuffle Crawlage

Never been on a zombie walk? Now’s your chance … you can virtually attend the Melbourne Zombie Shuffle, which drew around 4000 undead lovers back in May. I was reminded of it by a beautiful zombie loving Australian friend. Lots of colorful crawlage on this one, so check out the slow moving mob and see if you aren’t inspired to put on your best zombie badrags and drag yourself off to the next ghoulish gathering. Thank you, T. W.

PS: Take a copy of DEAD LOVE with you.

Watch here.

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice


Art: Botan Yamada

  • boldlow

    your finger's on the pulse…who knew the zombie horde was a global phenomenah…maybe the message will get through – there's a movement underway and it's building up steam…and it ain't political! There still needs the metaphorical push…and the Slice is serving it up. Thanks.