Dead Love: Manga Sneak Peek

Promises, promises … but I’m keeping this one. Here it is, all you glamorous ghouls and bad boys … A SNEAK PEEK at Erin (me) and the guys (sensei Hiroshi Nakamura and his dead lover, Koan, aka Clément) on the cover page of the DEAD LOVE manga supplement, “How He Fell for You.”

“In this chapter, Erin is mysteriously drawn to the high-rise apartment-studio of the famous choreographer and teacher with whom she is studying, where she discovers him in intense distress over the death of an ex-lover, a distress that has driven him to complete a violent totentanz or dance of death, which Erin performs. It turns out to be much more than a performance when Nakamura-san’s deceased lover, Koan, appears and a bloody finale ensues. The force at work in all of this? Why, it’s Clément, of course! He just can’t seem to leave Erin alone.”

Don’t forget: The manga supplement will appear in the limited edition hardcover ONLY!

The extremely portable goth-look tome featuring a 16-page Manga supplement will basically be PRODUCED TO ORDER, so IF YOU DON’T PRE-ORDER, you MIGHT NOT GET IT. Order lots of copies and share them!! Let me assure you, this is the perfect gift for lovers of the supernatural. If you know anyone who’s fascinated by vampires, superheroes, goth stuff, sci-fi, thrills, horror, or … yes … ZOMBIES, they are going to scream over DEAD LOVE. It is also the best possible mood inducer. Can’t quite “get there” (physically or mentally) for Halloween and all delightfully dark occasions from which you might otherwise feel excluded, just read a bit of DEAD LOVE and you will be one with the vibe.

So, if you think your creepy quotient is a little low—and I mean creepy in a cool way—you might want to get it for yourself. If you’re good with the supernatural, you won’t need convincing. It’s already you.

You can find more on the Buy the Book page.

For express service, the good, book loving people at Book Passage have provided this link.

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/The Daily Slice

DEAD LOVE Story: Linda Watanabe McFerrin

Art: Botan Yamada

  • Tiana

    So happy I pre-ordered the book!! Can't wait!! Hurry up August when I get to fondle and read my ghoulishly- delicious, voluminous, voluptuous tome!! Mmmmmm….

  • Patricia Ljutic

    Wow she's dead and HOT!

  • Cheryl McLaughlin

    Ooooh. She's Hot and the Manga cover is HOT! What an imagination!