Dead Love Lovers

It’s unusual … but apparently some publishers and booksellers LOVE zombies. Bless them.  Stone Bridge Press and Book Passage are making it easy to pre-order DEAD LOVE. All you have to do is hit the Stone Bridge link here or in the banner. Or, you can go directly to Book Passage. So easy. There’ll be a huge book party with supernatch pals and signing on September 1oth, so put that in your calendars NOW. Meanwhile please read along with my posts (Daily Dark Slice) here on the site and my weekly serialization of the contents.

This supernatural thriller follows a cast of nefarious characters-both human and otherworldly-as they foul one another’s plans and power plays in a conspiracy of global proportions. It begins when Clément, a lovesick ghoul, falls for beautiful young Erin. Unfortunately, she is marked for death by the Japanese mob (the yakuza). Using secrets learned from a Haitian witchdoctor, and taking us to Tokyo, Amsterdam, and Malaysia, Clément finds a way to rescue and possess her-but not at all in the manner he expected. This globalized manga turned literature is Twilight with teeth. Vivid storytelling and unforgettable characters unite to delight adults and younger readers with an interest in the otherworldly, proving once and for all that if the undead have their way, love will never die!

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice