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Did you know you can now get Dead Love in the Kindle edition, easy to download and just in time for Christmas? It’s under $10.

Here are just a few of the recent Reader Reviews:


I just read Dead Love and enjoyed it so much that I’m giving copies away as Christmas gifts. It’s beautifully written and turned me–who knew nothing about zombies before reading this book–into a zombie fan. Now, I am noticing that there are a lot of zombies among us. And, even more frightening, whenever I see a ghostly pale person I wonder if it’s a creature like Clement. The story is action packed and the writing is lyrical and precise. It’s a double feast–luscious writing and a captivating story. You know it’s a good book when you’re sad that the ride is over. I hope there will be a sequel!

DEAD LOVE by EasyReader

Linda Watanabe McFerrin’s imaginative supernatural novel, Dead Love, could be quickly summarized as a story of zombies in Japan that takes the reader all over the world. Sounds intriguing but if zombies aren’t a favorite topic, the reader most likely will leave this book on the shelf. To add to the summary that a lovestruck ghoul, Clement, plans to turn his object of desire, a young dancer named Erin, into a zombie may add more intrigue but still leave the book on the shelf. To describe this novel that callously would rob any potential reader of McFerrin’s masterful storytelling, her fine writing and one of the best, compelling reading experiences today. Innovative and surprising, there are enough twists, turns, facts and imaginative scenes that, once started, it’s difficult to put Dead Love down. When you start to read Dead Love, be sure your seatbelt is fastened and your passport is updated because you’re going on a wild, far out ride!


Like a novitiate in a strange order, I wandered into the pages of Linda Watanabe McFerrin’s novel knowing little of zombies, ghouls, ninjas or their fellow spirits. I expected to enter something like a costume store window set for Hallowe’en. But because of McFerrin’s great gifts as a storyteller and poet, I found myself instead in a richly exotic, decaying world of odd beauty, like a garden planted with Baudelaire’s flowers of evil.

On one level, Dead Love reads like a thriller. It is fast-paced, moving quickly from continent to continent. From the neon-lit back alleys of Tokyo to the realms of black magic Vodoun in Haiti, to unsavory canals in Amsterdam and lush jungles of Malaysia, the action careens from place to place in a long, convoluted chase. The characters include the Japanese mobster Ryu, the ghoul Clément (a shapeshifter who inhabits and discards dead bodies like garments), and the near-Zombie girl Erin, who is pursued by the other two.

But the action, with its plentiful doses of gore, dismemberment, sex and drugs, is not all. The beauty of this book lies in the many layers beneath its surface, in its multiple underworlds. There, I found startling revelations as the story mirrors universal concerns about the meaning of existence: the thin line between victim and prey, possession and the possessed, death and resurrection. At the deepest level, the words Dead Love are almost like lament for the dead and a prayer for transformation, a chant to be sung while mourning — for a lost child, a damaged landscape, vanished beauty, or even books themselves.


From zombie witticisms to existential philosophy, environmentalism to espionage, sex to sanitoriums, DEAD LOVE’s got it ALL going on.

I loved plunging in to the bizarre world of Clément’s divine dastardliness, Erin’s noble stubbornness, the steaming rainforest and Ping’s pigs and Alain’s red-light houseboat and Tokyo’s throbbing, sullen, dangerous nightlife … and the freedom trapeze! Also loved the author’s light touch on life lessons.

I’ll be delighting in the lush prose as I re-read this one.


You will never again complain about your loutish boyfriend after reading DEAD LOVE. Erin, the main character, has to deal with a lover who tries to turn her into a zombie a second admirer who is literally rather ghoulish. Surprisingly, despite its un-put-down-ability, DEAD LOVE took me longer to read than I thought it would–I intended it to nicely fill the hours during a transcontinental flight but it turned out to be a page turner whose pages I was reluctant to turn. I had to savor it, to re-read passages over again to fully absorb their wit, style, and descriptive power. McFerrin’s travel writing chops are in full force, tangoing with love, espionage, thrills, spills, and globe-trotting mystery. DEAD LOVE is full of life!

DEAD LOVE by Greg Jones

Dead Love is a tsunami that strikes Tokyo, caroms off Haiti, and lays waste to Amersterdam and Kuala Lumpor. Five stars.

Of course you can also still get it in either the paperback or deluxe hardcover special editions.

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice


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    Great News that Dead Love is now available as an e-book, Erin. Your story should be available in all versions for everyone to enjoy, as the reviews reveal. One more step – congrats!