Dead Love: Jay Chou Makes Kato so Cool

Kato, the Green Hornet’s mysterious aide de camp, has never been cooler. I am a total pushover for a cute Asian dude—take, for instance, my inexplicable fascination with Ryu—so no surprise that Jay Chou is a current heartthrob. This is the role that made Bruce Lee famous, although he had already been in 20 films by the time he was 18. Nevertheless, the television role of Kato did make Bruce quite popular with western film audiences, and it’s bound to do the same for Chou, who already has a worldwide reputation as a musician. Chou has been registering on radar in the music scene since 1998, mainly in Asia. Classically trained, he combines Chinese and Western music styles in rock and pop offerings.

His first movie role was in 2005, in Initial D. And now he stars alongside Seth Rogen in The Green Hornet and, as far as I’m concerned, he steals the show. And who cares if the too-old-for-the-role actress, Cameron Diaz, wouldn’t kiss him. She’s over-the-hill; he’s up-and-coming, and missing out on a Couger-smooch isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Yeah, Jay, love you on the bike, in the mask. You just need to mix it up with some zombies to rise to the top in my book … I’m thinking Ryu in Dead Love.

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice