Dead Love: Homage to Marie Laveau

I can’t leave New Orleans without a curtsy to Marie Laveau, the powerful “Voodoo Queen” who captured hearts, minds, and souls here. Born a free woman of color in New Orleans, she was famous as a Voudou practitioner who brought Roman Catholic beliefs and the African Voudou tradition together in her work. Marie Laveau is justly celebrated and respected for the people she saved with her wise ministrations during the New Orleans’ cholera epidemic. She’s buried in Saint Louis Cemetery and her grave is never without a huge pile of offerings from people who want her to grant their wishes.

I paid my respects and delivered a Dead Love thank you. Merci, belle reine.

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice

  • boldlow

    Hey Erin – paying homage to Marie Laveau is the classy and honorable thing to do – and of course you did it and raising the bars of knowledge and consciousness in the process. Keep it up!

  • Mgreenway

    Long live the queen! (in spirit or body)

  • I’m still thinking of her. Dead Love Amazon sales peaked on the day we visited her grave. Now, if everyone would just continue to give the novel to friends for Christmas.