Dead Love Goes Live

DEAD LOVE goes live … well, sort of. Just found out as I casually surfed the web, that DEAD LOVE is now available for Pre-Order on Amazon. Yes, that’s right, months before the ship date, AND I am told by people who know that THIS is the critical juncture. If they get a good “read” on the potential sales the book will soar, soar, soar. So, if you don’t want to put this little zombie girl down in the dumps, get out there and Pre-Order (notice the caps). To find the book, key in the title and author or follow this link. The cool thing is that Amazon has both the limited edition hardcover with the exciting manga (Japanese comics) supplement and the paperback available. But I think you have to click on the title in the window again to get a Pre-Order window for both. The hardcover edition is certain to sell out, so if you want a once-in-a-lifetime slice of this crazy new-world virtual zombie drama, get that order in.

You can also Pre-Order DEAD LOVE through Book Passage (links on the “Buy the Book” page and banners on this site). Book Passage has an entire bookcase of zombie books—not just a shelf, an entire case—and DEAD LOVE is going right there. As for the manga, we’re seeing bits and pieces … it’s hot.

“This novel about a live dead girl combines an international chase, the suspense of a thriller, a soupçon of sensuality, some wonderfully lyrical episodes, and a set of brand new rules for ghouls. It is as delectable and dangerous as a plate of fugu. I read it in a single sitting.”—Tim Cahill, author of Pass the Butterworms, Hold the Enlightenment, and Jaguars Ripped My Flesh

Zombies in Japan? You bet your life! Dead Love is an artful supernatural thriller that follows a cast of nefarious characters—both human and otherworldly—as they foul one another’s plans and power plays in a conspiracy of global proportions. It begins when Clément, a lovesick ghoul, falls for beautiful young Erin. Unfortunately, she is marked for death by the Japanese mob (the yakuza). Using secrets learned from a Haitian witch doctor, and taking us to Tokyo, Amsterdam, and Malaysia, Clément finds a way to rescue and possess her—but not at all in the manner he expected.

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/The Daily Slice