Dead Love: Five Star Thrills

I am totally dead-lighted to share some of the awesome 5-star DEAD LOVE reviews that are up on Amazon now. Read these, then creep out to your local bookseller, pick up a copy and DEVOUR it.

—Erin Orison, DEAD LOVE/the Daily Slice

Great Zombie Novel for Grown-ups
I loved reading Dead Love. It has breathless action, lots of colorful and creepy characters and even some pretty slimy zombie sex. A lot of it takes place in Japan. It is obvious the author has an affinity for Japanese culture. Has anyone ever written about a Yakuza Zombie? I don’t think so. Highly recommended.
—A. Ross

An Exciting Story, Beautifully Told
You would expect beautifully constructed prose from this poet/novelist and you would not be disappointed. The book could be studied for sheer craftsmanship as the author shifts continents and character, if the reader were not swept away by the sheer exuberance of the story. It is a wonderful escape from the ordinary into a world full of magic. Quite simply, this is a delightful, brilliant book.
—John A. Fetto

Love Dead Love
Who would have thought a book about a semi-dead, sexually active, globe hopping, hot Zombie girl and the ghoul who stalks her would be such a good read. Oh, I guess anyone interested in sex, the supernatural, and an engrossing plot with really fine writing. Dead Love is like reading a dark candy with a juicy center while having a glass of blood-red wine.

Clement and Erin – Couldn’t Put it Down
I was pleasantly surprised by the humor in this book. Clément, the ghoul, is a gas and this extremely well crafted character alone is worth 5 stars! He really just has one thing on his mind (and it’s not what you think). From the high-rise opulence and back alleys of Tokyo, to the Red Light District of Amsterdam and deep into to the jungles of Malaysia, this intriguing thriller delves into the highest of highs and the lowest of lows of (barely) human existence and delivers! Kudos to an author who is making her mark on the world!
—T. Lang

Dead Love – Dead On
I loved this book, the characters are wild, but somehow completely believable, (can’t believe I said that about ghouls and zombies) Erin is a kick-ass gal who makes that Danish heroine (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) look shy. Great writing and a great read, appalling and funny at the same time, but with real heart.
—Maureen Wheeler

A Gripping Supernatural Thriller
Spooky characters race across the canvas of Linda Wanatabe McFerrin’s gripping supernatural thriller, Dead Love, at a furious pace. It’s a spellbinding story pitting a not-quite-zombie girl against a smitten ghoul, stealthy black-clad ninjas and tattooed Japanese gangsters. McFerrin’s stunning prose evokes her story’s shifting locations from Tokyo’s clip joints and karaoke bars to a drug-runner’s Amsterdam houseboat. Lovers of the vampire/zombie genre will drool over Dead Love. The rest of us will be amazed at how thrilling – and literate – a zombie novel can be.
—A. Sigmon

Hot Zombie Thriller
I couldn’t put it down. Had to find out what happens to Erin, the young live zombie girl hotly pursued by Clément, a sex-crazed ghoul who occasionally loses decaying body parts. Linda Watanabe McFerrin’s scary zombie thriller DEAD LOVE takes us on an international flight from Japanese underworld yakuza killers to that “other” world of the dark side. Great ending! Almost guessed it! But not quite …
Warning: Be careful not to read this tale of ghoulish terror when you’re alone in the dead of the night!
—JKA “Book Lover”

Ghoulish Obsession
I fell in love with Erin and Dead Love. Erin, a talented dancer with a promising future, arrives in Japan unaware of the infamous plans the Yakuza and the ghoul, Clément, have for her. A beautifully written story of obsession, deception and possession, Dead Love is told from the zombie’s perspective as Erin flees the Yakuza that killed her and the ghoul who reanimated her. A great read for fans of the undead, supernatural, zombie thrillers, tormented monsters, voodoo, and straight-up horror. I’m still haunted by Clément’s and Erin’s fate and want more.
—Patricia Ljutic

Manga art: Botan Yamada

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    Erin – cool. Dead Love deserves every 5-Star rating it gets. The reviews are fun to read too – but not as fun as reading Dead Love. Congrats!